What is the Network Usage and Threat Analysis Report?

It’s no surprise anymore that cybersecurity is a major concern for business owners. Defending against anything from data breaches to localized malware attacks, how you protect your network is quickly becoming as important as how you protect your physical office space. Web Protection helps to give your business the layered cybersecurity defense that is required to navigate the internet and beyond. But even though it is easily deployable and offers deep amounts of customization, don’t forget that Web Protection can also provide tons of useful information that can bring your situational awareness to a level that could keep you from being a victim. One such feature is the Network Usage and Threat Analysis report, our latest tool that was designed to not only give you a snapshot of the threats and activity found on your own network, but also a broad summary of global threat trends. Smart business owners know that to be successful, you need to use the tools that are available. And we’ve just made a valuable tool available in your arsenal.  So what are you waiting for? 


How do I get this information?

Simply login to the Customer Portal as an Administrator, select the Web Protection Admin tab, select the Notifications page and then select Threat Reports. From there, add a maximum of ten email addresses to the list.  Then select the desired frequency check box and click the Save Threat Report Notification Information button to enable threat notifications for your account. 

You can also download an on-demand report from the same page.  Simply select the date range or choose one of the preset ranges and click the Download Report button to download your threat report as a PDF.


Now what do I do with it?

The report provides two types of information:  a tailored threat protection summary generated for your network and a global threat protection summary.
The customized Threat Protection Summary provides various information pertaining to your network, including:
  • Total count of allowed and blocked requests
  • Malware blocks
  • Blocked and allowed requests by category
  • Top 5 Allowed / Blocked / Malware domains

The global Threat Protection Summary provides data useful for trend analysis across the global network, including:

  • Malicious activity threat level

  • Tracked malicious domains by category

  • Top 10 Malware / Compromised / Phishing domains

  • Top 10 blocked categories