How to Create a Report Spam Shortcut in Outlook

When you receive a message that you believe should have been held by AppRiver's spam filter, we typically ask that you forward that message to so that we can analyze the example and adjust the filters accordingly.  This entails opening the message, clicking Forward, typing out in the To: field, clicking Send and then deleting the message. 

While it's not a really long process, wouldn't you be more inclined to click one button instead of doing all of that?  By creating a Quick Step in Outlook (2010 and up), you can turn this process into a one-click solution:

1.  Find the Quick Steps section of the HOME ribbon in Outlook.


2.  Click the Options icon in the lower right corner.


3.  Select New>Forward to: in the dialog box.


4.  Name the Quick Step “REPORT SPAM” (or whatever you would like to call it) and click the Options button.


5.  Set the options as follows and click the Save button:

Forward  To:


Add Action > Delete message


Shortcut Key (optional)


Tooltip text:  Click here to report the selected email as spam to AppRiver's spam team!


6.  Select a spam message in your email listing and then click the REPORT SPAM Quick Step.  This will forward the email to AppRiver and automatically move the email to your Deleted folder.