Automatic Configuration for Outlook 2010 and 2013 via AutoDiscover (Windows)

1.  Ensure that your Autodiscover DNS record has been created with your domain registrar (DNS provider).

2.  Open your computer's Control Panel, make sure your view is set to Large or Small Icons.



3.  Select the Mail option from the control panel.


4.  Click Show Profiles.


5.  Select Add to create a new Outlook profile.



6.  Name your profile (i.e., Office 365). Select OK.



7.  Select the radial button for E-mail Account and type your First and Last name, email address and password. Click Next.



8.  Allow the wizard to search for your server settings - be advised that this can take a few minutes.



9.  You may be prompted to allow the website. Check Don't ask me about this website again and then click Allow. If you did not see this prompt, you may have already allowed this connection to the server previously.



10.  Enter email address and password if prompted.



11.  The green checks indicate the server settings have been configure and the username and password is correct. Select Finish.



12.  If you would like Outlook to open the new profile by default whenever Outlook is opened, check Always use this profile, select your new profile from the list and click OK.



13.  If you would like to toggle between the profiles and be prompted every time Outlook is opened for a profile selection, click Prompt for a profile to be used and Outlook will ask which profile you would like to use when opened.

14.  Click Apply and OK when finished.

15.  Congratulations! You have successfully setup Outlook to connect to Office 365.