How to Configure POP for iPhone/iPad/iOS

This procedure is applicable for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) running iOS 6 or higher. The screenshots included below were taken from an iPhone 6 running iOS 9.1. Other devices will be similar.

Prior to starting this procedure, obtain your account-specific information from the Customer Portal according to the following article:


To setup an email account with POP settings on an iPhone or iPad take the following steps:

1. From the Home screen, tap Settings.



2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars



3. Tap Add Account



4. Tap Other.


5. Tap Add Mail Account.


6. Type your Name, Email address, Password, account

    Description (optional) and tap Next.

  • The description labels the account on the device and is not visible to anyone else. 



7. The device will attempt to complete the account set up automatically. If prompted to enter additional settings, please enter the account-specific

settings obtained from the obtained from the Customer Portal and tap Next



8. The account should now be added successfully in Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Email will begin to download within a few minutes.