Web Protection - How to Add Dynamic Networks

Dynamic Networks

A dynamic network is a hostname that points to a public IP address which can change over time. This feature allows the Web Protection service to manage policies for dynamic IPs. (A DNS lookup is performed every 5 to 10 minutes, which uses the Hostname to retrieve the most current IP for your network. Note that a Dynamic Network name, hostname, or active policy may be changed in the Networks section.)

In order for this feature to function correctly, a dynamic DNS service must be activated. This service will track your network's IP address and adjust the host name accordingly. Here is a list of some providers that offer a dynamic DNS service. Some are free, others may charge a minimal fee. Each service has documented ways of keeping your host name in sync with your dynamic IP.

 DNSDynamic http://www.dnsdynamic.org/ Free
 ChangeIP http://www.changeip.com/ Free
 No-IP  http://www.noip.com/ Free and Fee Based
 FreeDNS http://freedns.afraid.org/ Free
 DynDNS http://dyn.com/dns/ Fee Based
 ZoneEdit  http://www.zoneedit.com/  Fee Based
 DNS Exit http://www.dnsexit.com/ Free
 Open Domain Server  http://www.ods.org/  Free

You can find more providers by searching “dynamic DNS providers".


Add Dynamic Network

1. To add a dynamic network, click the Add Dynamic Network button.

2. Type both the Name and the Hostname for the dynamic network, select the active Policy for the network, and click the Add button. (Note that the IP address will be automatically detected.)

Change Dynamic Network Name, Hostname, or Policy

1. Find the dynamic network you wish to change and click the Edit icon located in the same row. The fields that can be changed for the dynamic network will be available to edit.

2. To change the Network Name, edit the network name in the Name Column and click the Save button.




3. To change the Hostname, edit the hostname in the Hostname Column and click the Save button.




4. To change the active Policy for the network, select the policy from the drop-down list in the Policy Column and click the Save button.



Remove Dynamic Network


1. To remove a dynamic network, click the Remove icon located in the same row.


2. In the Remove Dynamic Network confirmation window, click the Yes, Remove button.