How to Create an In-Place Archive in Exchange for Users

What is In-Place Archiving?

In-Place Archiving helps you regain control of your organization's messaging data by eliminating the need for personal store (.pst) files and allowing users to store messages in an archive mailbox accessible in Microsoft Outlook 2007 and later and Microsoft Office Outlook Web App.

In Microsoft Exchange Server, In-Place Archiving provides users with an alternate storage location in which to store historical messaging data. An In-Place Archive is an additional mailbox (called an archive mailbox) enabled for a mailbox user. Outlook 2007 and later and Outlook Web App users have seamless access to their archive mailbox. Using either of these client applications, users can view an archive mailbox and move or copy messages between their primary mailbox and the archive.  In-Place Archiving presents a consistent view of messaging data to users and eliminates the user overhead required to manage .pst files. To check if your copy of Outlook supports In-Place Archiving, please click this link.

 To setup In-Place Archiving:

1. Log into the customer portal with your Username and Password. 

2. Once you are logged in you will see your Customer Portal Stats page. Click the Exchange tab. 

3. Once the Exchange tab is selected, you will able to see your Exchange mailbox options. Select In-Place Archiving from the menu on the left. 

4. You can now select the Enable In-Place Archive checkbox and select the archiving interval. The Archiving interval selected will move all messages that meet or are older than the selected Archiving period. For instance, if you select 1 year, all messages that are at least one year old will be moved, along with all messages that are older than 1 year.  

5. Click on Save Changes to complete the process.