Sending as a Distribution Group

Administrative requirements

To send as a distribution group in Office 365 the admin will need to create a group and grant the user the necessary permissions.


1.  Login to Microsoft Portal as an administrator.

Admin Portal

2.  Click the Admin drop down menu in upper right and click Exchange.


Exchange Admin

3.  On the Exchange Admin Center recipients tab, click groups from the top menu, click the + button and choose Distribution group.




4.  In the popup window, complete the following information and click Save.

a.  Type the alias (1). This will be visible in admin portal when looking at address book.  It is recommended you name it something you can easily recognize (example: username alias).

b.  Type the desired alias email address (2).

c.  Type a group description (3) .

d.  Set group owner (4). You can leave it as the admin or change it to another user.

e.  Add the members (5) you would like to be part of this distribution group.


New distribution group


5.  Double-click on the created group.

Edit group settings


6.  Click on delivery management from menu on left.  Then select Senders inside and outside of my organization.  This will allow users from outside your domain to email this address.


Edit group settings


7.  Click on the group delegation from menu on left.  Click the + button under send as and add the user who should be designated to send as the group.


Access Rights


8.  Once complete, click save.  The group and the necessary permissions have been setup.  The user will now be able to compose new email messages and send as the group.


9.  In Outlook (2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016), open a new message and perform the following:

a.  Click on the Options tab.

b.  In the Show Fields section, ensure From is selected.

c.  On the new message, click the From drop down menu and select Other E-mail Address....

d.  In the Send from Other E-Mail Address popup window, click the From drop down menu and select the Global Address List.

e.  Find the group you created previously and double-click the group.

f.   Click Ok when finished.  You will see the alias address listed in the From field.


New Email


10.  Compose and send the email from your alias address.