Allowing Email Security for Office 365

1. Log into the Office 365 Exchange Admin Center at as a Global Administrator, then click on mail flow on the left.


2. Click the + symbol to create a new rule then choose Bypass Spam Filtering from the drop-down menu, enter the data below into the appropriate field, and then click Save. After clicking save, you should see the below screenshot.


Name: Email Security

Apply this rule if:  The sender > Ip address is in any of these ranges or exactly matches

Specify IP address ranges: (You must click the plus sign after each entry)

Do the following: (Should already be set) Modify the message properties > set the spam confidence level to (SCL) - 1

Choose a mode for this rule: Enforce

Comments: This rule must remain in place to allow AppRiver traffic to bypass Office 365 filtering.



3. Congratulations! The Email Security Filtering rule is now in place and being enforced.