BlackBerry (Email) Messages No Longer Show Up

This can happen when a sudden change is made on the cell provider billing system and then fixed.  Unfortunately, this has already caused an issue with the (BES) services communicating to the BlackBerry.  Now the settings need to be repaired or reconfigured so the device is able to obtain emails.
1.  On the BlackBerry Home Screen, select All.
2.  Once the full menu is displayed, select Messages.
3.  Click the Menu Key (dots key), ​scroll the menu and select Options.
4.  Select Email Preferences (change email account settings).
5.  Click the Menu Key (dots key) ​scroll the menu and select Folder Redirection.
6.  Select the Mailbox - name on exchange account and tap the (+) Sign at the bottom right of screen.
7.  Folders in [White] = Mail sync is off / Folders in [GREY ] = Unable to turn on for sync / Folders in [ BLUE] = Folders are turned off for sync.
8.  Select the Folder you want to view on device > click the Menu Key (dots key) , select and tap Change Option > click Menu Key to Save.
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