BlackBerry (Email) Create Filters & Flags for Incoming Messages

Create Filters & Flag Incoming Emails
1.  Open the email message list.
2.  Press Menu Options Email Filters.
3.  Press the Menu key.
4.  Click New.
5.  Enter a name for the filter in the name field.
6.  Set the filter preferences. (See next section)
7.  Click Menu.
8.  Select Save.
Configure Filters:
  • Filter by the message sender. Specify the sender in the From field. Separate multiple senders with a semicolon. To filter messages by the recipients, edit the Sent To field. Use a semicolon to separate multiple email addresses or recipients.
  • Filter messages that are only sent to your email address by selecting the Sent directly to me field. Set up filters based on whether your email address appears in the CC or BCC sections by selecting the CC to me or BCC to me fields.
  • Filter messages by their importance by editing the Importance field. To filter messages by sensitivity level, edit the Sensitivity field.
  • Choose whether a filtered message will forward to the Blackberry and what importance level is assigned by editing the Action field.
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