Manual Configuration of Outlook with Hosted Exchange

1. Login to the Customer Portal as an Administrator at

2. On the Users Admin tab, select the email address of the user.

3. In the expanded menu, click on the Exchange tab and copy the GUID.

4. On your computer, open the Control Panel and ensure the view is set to either Large or Small icons.

5. Launch the Mail application.

6.  In the Mail Setup - Outlook window, click the Show Profiles button.

7. In the Mail window, click the Add button.

8. In the New Profile window, name the profile and click OK.

9. In the Add Account window, select the Manual setup or additional server types radio button and click Next.

10. Select the Microsoft Exchange Server or compatible service option button and click Next.

11. In the Server Settings window, (1) paste the GUID copied in Step 3 into the Server field, (2) enter the full email address in the User Name field, (3) choose how much local mail to keep on your computer, ensure the Use Cached Exchange Mode box is selected and click More Settings.

12. On the following window, (1) select the Connection tab, (2) ensure the Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP box is selected and (3) click the Exchange Proxy Settings button.

13. In the Microsoft Exchange Proxy Settings window, provide the following information and click OK:

a. Enter the proxy address for your account:  US - -or- Outside US

b. Ensure the Only connect to proxy servers that have... checkbox is selected and enter in the provided field.

c. Ensure both the On fast networks... and On slow networks... checkboxes are selected.

d. Ensure the Proxy Authentication settings are set to Basic Authentication.

14. On the following window, click Apply and then click OK.

15. On the Add Account window, click the Check Name box to the right of the user name to check the settings against the exchange server and enter the password when prompted.  If the settings are correct, the User Name and Server name will be underlined.  Click Next to continue.  (If the settings are not correct and an error message is displayed, recheck the settings and password.  Login to webmail at using the browser.)


16. Click Finish to complete the configuration of Outlook 2013 with Hosted Exchange. 



17. To set Outlook to open a new profile by default each time Outlook 2013 is opened, return to Control Panel > Mail > Show Profiles..., select the new profile from the list, check the Always use this profile button and click OK.  If you would prefer to toggle between the available profiles with a prompt each time Outlook 2013 is opened, check the Prompt for a profile to be used button instead.