BlackBerry Calendar - Repair Sync Issues with Events

1.  Open the Calendar and select the Menu Key.
2.  Select Options.
3.  Set Wireless Sync to No.  Click on the checkbox Select the Menu Key and then select Save. Watch for the arrows in the top right corner of the screen.
4.  Reload the calendar from the server.  NOTE: Confirm the user doesn't need more than 30-60 days of historical events, because reloading from server only re-populates 30-60 days of events going back.
a.  Open the Calendar on the BlackBerry.
b.  Select the Menu key.
c.  Select Options and Highlight Desktop, but do not select it while it's highlighted.
d.  Hold down the ALT key and type the letters rset.  The following prompt will appear:
This will erase your desktop contact list, and reload it from your server. Continue? Yes or No
e.  Choose Yes only if all calendar entries are in Outlook/OWA.
This will prompt for a reload of the calendar from the BES server, and the wireless sync of the Calendar Entries with the BlackBerry might take several minutes.  It could also take up to 30 minutes to reload from the server.
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