BlackBerry (Contacts) Email Address Field is Blank for Contacts

The email address field is blank for contact entries on BlackBerry
The contact entries causing the problems contain X400/X500 addresses that do not exist in the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)/Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Lookup.  If the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is configured to use AD to resolve email addresses, some addresses may fail to resolve, resulting in a blank email address field being sent to the BlackBerry device.
Note: Intellisync uses the Global Address List (GAL) to resolve email addresses.  Therefore, the contacts are synchronized correctly using Intellisync, but not when synchronized wirelessly.
When your BlackBerry Enterprise Server is configured to use Active Directory to resolve email addresses, this problem may appear if one of the following occurs:
  • The contact has been removed from the Microsoft Exchange environment.
  • The contact has been moved to a different Exchange environment after you added the contact to your Address Book.
Remove the contact entries that are missing email addresses from your BlackBerry Address Book.  Re-enter the contacts using Microsoft Outlook
Use the Reset command on the BlackBerry
1.  Go to Contacts > Menu Key > Options.
2.  Highlight Desktop and type rset on the keyboard.  The characters will not appear on the display, but an information box will be presented with the following message:
This will erase your desktop contact list, and reload it from the server.  Continue?  Yes or No   
Only choose Yes if all of your contacts in Outlook or OWA have no duplicate contacts.
Additional Information
By default, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server uses the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) to look up contacts.  This configuration will not result in blank email address fields.
If you configure your BlackBerry Enterprise Server to use the optional LDAP/AD lookup support to improve performance, you may see a blank email address field.
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