Separate BIS icon from BES icon

1.  Look on the home screen of the BlackBerry device for the POP3 email account icon.  It could be hidden or configured to be dumped in the catch-all mail folder, which is indicated as Messages.
2.   Tap the BlackBerry Key and select show all, which will allow hidden icons on the device to be shown.
3.  Icons that have been hidden will be displayed, but shown as faded icons.
4.  Tap the faded icon on the device, then tap the BlackBerry Key again.
5.  Select Hide from the list and click the trackball to have the icon turn bright and active again.
6.  Proceed to next step to configure the BlackBerry to separate the POP3 icon from the catch all mailbox.
7.  Click the Messages icon, click the BlackBerry Key and select Options.
8.  Under Message Options, select General Options and click the Trackball.
9.  Scroll down to SMS and Email Inboxes and click on Theme Controlled.
10.  Change option to Separate and click the BlackBerry Key to save.
11.  Go back to the Home Screen to see the POP3 email icon displayed.
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