Remote Search on BlackBerry 10 Handhelds Limits Results to Duration Downloaded

The issue with the Remote Search function was tested with both Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010.  Each version replicated the issue as reported.  On the BlackBerry device, a search for messages with all fields or specific fields returns no search results beyond the duration currently selected for sync.  BlackBerry is aware of the restriction and reports that their development team is working on a fix to be applied in a future BlackBerry 10 software update.  However, the issue has not been updated by BlackBerry in months.
Refer to the article referenced below:
The only solution currently available is to download the entire mailbox to the device.  Wi-Fi is strongly recommended during the initial synchronization, as this will download a large amount of data to the device.  To update this setting, take the following steps:
1.  On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.
2.  Tap Settings > Accounts.
3.  Tap the exchange account.
4.  At the bottom of the Edit Account window, tap Advanced.
5.  Tap Sync Timeframe at the bottom of this window, then tap Forever
Again, this is a software issue that will hopefully be addressed in a future BlackBerry 10 software update.
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