How to Configure POP for Android Devices

Prior to starting this procedure, obtain your account-specific information from the Customer Portal according to the following article:



1.  From the home screen, tap the App drawer > Settings > Accounts > Add Account.


Note:  Certain Android devices require a POP or IMAP account be added through the Email application. 

  • If this is the first account, proceed to Step 3.

  • If this is not the first account, select Settings > Accounts > Add Account.  Enter the requested credentials and choose Manual Setup.


2.  Tap POP3 as the account type.


3.  Enter the email address and password, then tap Next.


4.  The device will attempt to retrieve the account settings automatically.  On the Account setup page, tap POP3.


5.  Enter the Incoming settings for the account and tap Next.


6.  Enter the Outgoing settings for the account and tap Next.


7.  Review the account settings, make any changes and tap Next.


8.  Provide an optional account name if desired and tap Done.