Reply All Adds Auto-CCs Sender Address on iOS


Reply All adds Auto-CC's sender address on iOS devices


When a message is sent to multiple users, the iOS mail app provides the recipient with an option to Reply All.  In some cases, this will automatically add the sender's address to the CC (carbon copy) field, however this is not normal behavior by default.  This occurs when the recipient address that is being replied from does not match the primary SMTP address on the exchange server.



  • Email from:

  • To: and

  • replies to all in the conversation from an iOS device

  • appears in the CC field automatically.

  • was previously renamed from


The fix is to change primary email address on the exchange account so the Send As and primary email or Outlook login address match.


Note: In my example after making this change, I had to re-authenticate the account on the iPhone.  If not automatically prompted to authenticate in the Mail app, the user may need to update the email address and authenticate in the account Settings.  To do this from the home screen, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > tap the Exchange account > tap Account > update Email and Password > tap Done.



For Hosted Exchange:

To change a primary email address for AppRiver's Hosted Exchange, please proceed as follows:


Log in to the Customer Portal as an administrator at  Click the Users Admin tab > Users List > Click on the user's email address > Exchange '10 tab > Settings > Mailbox > Primary > click on the radio button to select the address.


If the addresses already match, please contact AppRiver support to update the Send As SMTP address.



For O365:

To change a primary email address for Office 365, please proceed as follows:


1.  Login to with your admin account.


2.  Click on Admin in the upper right corner then choose Office 365 admin center from the drop down menu.


3.  Click on Settings from the menu on the left.


4.  Click Manage additional Exchange settings.


5.  Click on Recipients, then Mailboxes tab.


6.  Under the display name tab, search for and click on your display name or email address (either one).


7.  In the User Mailbox window, click Email address.


8.  Double click the email address you want to be the primary, then, if needed, make this my reply email address and click Save.