How to Configure Exchange on the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet

The Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet does not provide native support for Exchange.  A user will only be able to access email using POP or IMAP.  The settings used to accomplish this are no different than those used to configure POP/IMAP in Outlook.  Screenshots can be found below and the procedure should also be valid for AppRiver Exchange Lite or CommuniGate users.


To also access Exchange contact and calendar information, a 3rd party application, such as Touchdown, RoadSync or Moxier Mail, must be used.


1.  Launch the e-mail application.


2.  Enter the user email address and password.  Tap Manual Setup.


3.  Choose POP or IMAP and tap OK.  The sample shown below uses IMAP, but POP server configuration screens are identical.


4.  Enter the proper incoming server settings and tap Next.


5.  After the incoming server settings are verified, enter the proper server information into the outgoing server configuration screen and tap Next.


6.  Set folder poll frequency using one of the six available options and tap Next.


7.  Enter an account description and an account name and tap Done.


8.  The inbox folder will appear and messages will begin to sync to the device.


9.  Additional settings are located in the settings menu.  To access, tap the settings icon located to the right of the account name.


10.  From the settings screen, modify account settings as desired.


11.  To remove the account, go back to Step 9, press and hold the account name and choose the Remove Account option.