How to Configure Office 365 for Windows Phone 8

To configure an Exchange or Office 365 account for Windows Phone 8, perform the following:

1.  Tap the right arrow icon    at the bottom of the Start page.



2.  Scroll down & tap Settings.




3.  Scroll & tap email+accounts.




4.  Tap add an account.




5.  Tap Outlook.




6.  Enter your Email address and Password. Tap Sign in.




7.  The device will attempt to retrieve the account settings automatically. If this is successful, tap Done.



8.  If it fails, the error "We couldn't find your settings" may appear.  After a second failed attempt, the same error will appear with additional options. Click Advanced if prompted.




9.  Tap Exchange ActiveSync.




10.  Input the requested Exchange ActiveSync settings.  For Office 365 accounts, use the following settings:

  • User name: User's e-mail address

  • Domain: (leave blank)

  • Server:




Make any changes as needed and tap on the check mark    to save the changes.



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