Why do I need to encrypt my e-mail and files?

E-mail and file encryption is a proven approach to protecting sensitive information. In many cases, encryption is necessary to ensure you are protecting client or patient information, in other cases because you need to protect intellectual property or other information that is confidential. Aside from the security and confidentiality concerns of using e-mail in day-to-day business, e-mail and file encryption is being adopted by growing numbers of users because of compliance issues. Specifically, legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) have imposed stringent rules on the ways in which personal financial data and health information can be transmitted and shared. Firms failing to comply with these laws face severe sanctions and fines. Additionally, the European Union and other international bodies have enacted privacy legislation that is affecting firms doing business overseas. For these reasons, a secure email and file capability is now an essential tool for doing business at most publicly traded companies, firms providing health care or financial services, insurance companies, and professional firms that service these industries.

AppRiver CipherPost Pro® addresses the following business requirements:

    •  Comply with HIPAA, SOX, SEC 17a4, SB1386 and security mandates for data privacy.
    •  Ensure that messages are delivered to recipient inbox. 
    •  Eliminate parallel data stores of e-mail or user credentials.  
    •  Ensure user buy-in through seamless integration with existing infrastructure and ease of use. 
    •  Streamline key management and support.