Outlook Manual Configuration

1.  In the Control Panel, select the Mail option.

2.  In the Mail Setup - Outlook window, select Show Profiles....

3.  In the Mail window, select Add... to create a new profile.

4.  In the New Profile window, name the profile and select OK.

5.  In the Add Account window, select Manual setup or additional server types, then select Next >.

6.  In the following window, add the server name (outlook.office365.com), enter the e-mail address, ensure the Use Cached Exchange Mode box is checked, then select More Settings....

7.  On the Microsoft Exchange window Security tab, set the Logon network security to Anonymous Authentication, then select the Connection tab. (Note that if the Anonymous Authentication option is not available, install any available Windows Office updates before proceeding.)

8.  On the Connection tab, ensure Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP is checked, then select Exchange Proxy Settings....

9.  In the Microsoft Exchange Proxy Settings dialog box, enter outlook.office365.com into the https:// text box. Select every check box and enter msstd:outlook.com in the Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name in their certificate: text field. Change the Use this authentication when connecting to my proxy server for Exchange: drop-down box to Basic Authentication, then select OK.

10.  In the following window, select Apply, then select OK.

11.  Once returned to the Add Account window, select the Check Name box.

12.  Enter the password associated with the new mailbox service, select the Remember my credentials checkbox as required, then select OK.

13.  If the account was correctly configured, the Server and User Name will be underlined.  If so, select Next >.  If not, check the settings and reconfigure the account.

14.  Select Finish.

15.   To set the new profile as the default whenever Outlook is opened, select Always use this profile, and select your new profile from the dropdown list, and then click OK.  To be prompted for the profile each time Outlook is opened, select Prompt for a profile to be used, then select OK.

Congratulations! You have successfully setup Outlook to connect to Office 365.