CipherPost Pro Outlook Toolbar Error Reporting

If you encounter an issue during the use of the CipherPost Pro® MS Outlook Toolbar, the error may be reported from within the toolbar itself.

1.  In the main Outlook window, click on the Secure Messaging ribbon tab and then select Report an Error.

2.  The Error Report popup window will appear.

 3.  Enter the email address where Support may contact you. (Note that if you are troubleshooting someone else's computer, enter the email address that Support should contact about the reported issue.)


4.  In the next field, enter a description of the problem that was experienced, type a question to be answered by our Support staff, or provide any feedback that you would like to share with us.

5.  To view the log information that will be sent to Support as a text file, click the View information sent to Support link.  (Note that the logs will be sent via encrypted means to our Support team and do not contain any confidential information.)

6.  Click the Report Error button to submit your error report.  A Support Technician will contact you shortly to address your issue.