BULKMAILER Admin Setup (Customer Portal)

AppRiver’s Email Threat Protection BULKMAILER rule can be used to shift bulk email around your users’ inboxes to a folder of their choosing, which can then be reviewed at a more convenient time.  Once configured, an email rule must then be setup in the user’s Outlook to start automatically shifting the bulk mail to a more suitable folder. 

Perform the following steps to configure the BULKMAILER Email Threat Protection rule in the Customer Portal:

1.  Login to the Customer Portal as an Administrator and select the Email Threat Protection tab.

2.  Select the Settings Page, then select the Filter Policy page.

3.  Ensure the Inbound button is selected and set as User Managed. If inbound mail is set to Auto Managed, click on the Manage my own policy button and click the Save Changes button to set as user managed.

4.  Click to expand the Content Tests section and locate the BULKMAILER content test row.

5.  From the Action pulldown menu in the BULKMAILER row, select Tag subject with….

6.  In the resultant textbox to the right of the pulldown menu, add the following:  BULKMAILER

7.  Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the column.

8.  Configure User(s) Outlook rules in accordance with the BULKMAILER User Setup (Outlook) article.