How to Configure Mail Settings in Outlook (Autodiscover) for HEX Lite Users

Prerequisite: Set up Hosted Exchange Lite service for the user in the Customer Portal

1. On the Control Panel in Windows, click the Mail icon . (Note that although the following steps were written to MS Outlook 2013, the procedure is also valid for MS Outlook 2010 and MS Outlook 2016. Earlier versions of MS Outlook may also be similar. Screen variances exist between MS Outlook 2010, MS Outlook 2013, and MS Outlook 2016 but are not shown. However, any operational differences which impact the procedure will be discussed in the text, as required.)

2. In the Mail Setup - Outlook window, click the Show Profiles... button.

3. In the Mail window, click the Add... button to create a new profile.

4. In the New Profile window, enter the e-mail address of the user and click OK.

5. In the Add Account window [For 2010 in the Add New Account window], enter the name, e-mail address, password (twice), and click Next >. Outlook will configure the mail server settings, which may take several minutes.

6. When configuration is complete, click Finish.




I don't believe that this is the correct directions for setting up Lite accounts. Either that or this could be titled and categorized incorrectly.
Travis Austin (11/4/2015 at 4:44 AM)