Inviting guest users to CipherPost Pro®

Inviting Guest Users to CipherPost Pro®

This lesson will guide you on how to invite a guest user to Cipher Post Pro

Login to the Secure-Messaging Portal


Follow the guide here if you are not familiar with how to login to the secure-messaging portal: Logging into the Secure Messaging Web Portal

Invite a new user

To invite a new user to the Cipher Post Pro system, you simply need to start by composing a secure message to the recipient.

Compose a new secure message to invite the user

Click "New" to open a blank message in the Secure-Messaging Portal

Compose your message

Place the information about the recipient into the address field and compose your initial message to invite the user to Cipher Post Pro.

Send the message


After sending the message you are done! You have successfully invited a user to Cipher Post Pro.


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