How to Upload a Document to SharePoint


1. Log into the SharePoint site and go into the document library where the document should be uploaded.

2. Once inside the document library, there are several ways to add documents. To upload a single file at a time, click Add document. (Uploading multiple documents is explained in Steps 4 and 6.)

3. The Upload Document dialog box will appear. Click Choose File to select the file to upload. If the file has the same name as one that is already present in the document library on SharePoint, select the check box to overwrite the existing file if desired. After selecting the file, click OK.

4. To upload single or multiple documents, click the Documents tab on the ribbon (once already in the Documents Library).

5. Several new menus will be available under Library Tools. The New Document menu allows the use of the built-in Web app to create a new document. Only one option will be available for a new Word document. (A new guide will be available on how to add Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote to the list of new documents.)

6. Another way to add documents is from the Upload Document menu. Clicking this menu displays two choices: Upload Document or Upload Multiple Documents. If selecting Upload Document, follow the instructions provided in Step 3.

7. If Upload Multiple Documents is chosen, a different dialog box will appear (shown below). Files or folders can be dragged into the box, or click Browse for files instead to search for the files manually. Click OK when done and the files/folders will be uploaded.
Office must be installed on the machine. (Upload Multiple Documents is only available in Internet Explorer.)