Setting Primary Site Collection Administrators and Site Collection Administrators

To get SharePoint up and running, the primary and secondary administrators must first be set up or other users will be access denied. This also sets who gets the notifications and alerts on the overall SharePoint site collections. The only user that has access to this page will be the default user that was assigned when the account was created, which is the user with the email address admin@appriver365100000xxxx. Login as this user and give the real account access. 


1. On the Admin Overview page, click Manage under the SharePoint heading.

2. Click Manage site collections.

3. On the Site Collections ribbon, select the check box next to the primary site collection (the main URL of the site). 

4. Click the newly displayed Owners menu, then click Manage Administrators.

5. On the Manage Administrators page, set Primary Site Collection Administrator and Site Collection Administrator(s). There are no differences in the rights of the two, but the the Primary Site Collection Administrator is the only one that gets the email notifications about the site. So ensure the Primary Site Collection Administrator is the administrator that will handle the alerts on the site. Click OK when finished.