How to configure Exchange (Email) on the Amazon Kindle Fire

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‚ÄčThe Amazon Kindle Fire does not provide native support for Exchange (Note: The Kindle Fire HD DOES support Exchange). A user will only be able to access their e-mail using POP or IMAP. The settings to do this are no different than what you would use to configure POP/IMAP in Outlook. The screenshots on how to do that on the device follow below. These instructions will also work for AppRiver Exchange Lite and Communigate users.

If the user wants access to Exchange contact and calendar information, they will need to install a 3rd party Exchange app such as Touchdown, RoadSync, or Moxier Mail.

1. Launch the e-mail application and click Start.

2. Choose Other for E-mail provider.

3. Enter the user's e-mail address and password. Click Next.

4. Choose POP or IMAP. IMAP was choosen in this example. The POP server configuration screens are the same.

5. Enter the proper incoming server settings and click Next.

6. After the incoming server settings are verified, the outgoing server configuration screen will appear. Enter the proper information and click Next.

7. Set folder poll frequency using one of the four options. Click Next.

8. Enter the user's name and a name for this account (user's preference) and click View your Inbox.

9. The inbox folder will appear and messages will become to come in.

10. Additional settings can be made by going to the settings menu in the application. Press and hold on the AppRiver account and select Account Settings.

11. Configure the additional settings as required.

12. To remove the account, go back to step 10 and choose the option to Remove Account.

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