How to configure Office 365 on an Android Device

Please follow the step-by-step procedure to configure Office 365 on an Android device or click the video to view a brief tutorial.

1. Open the App Drawer, and then tap the Settings app.|

2. From the Settings menu, tap Add Account. (It may be located under Accounts & Sync.)

Note:  This occurs because different Android devices have accounts and sync, which needs to be selected before you have the option to add an account.

3. Select an email type: Corporate.

Note:  Depending on the version of Android or phone manufacturer, the email type may be listed as Microsoft Exchange, Exchange or Exchange ActiveSync.

4. Enter your email address and password, and then tap Next.

5. From here, enter Exchange Server Information.

  • Domain\Username:\
  • Server:

Note:  On some phones, the domain and username fields are separate and may not require the domain name to successfully setup the account.

6. Ensure that Use secure connection (SSL) and Accept all SSL certificates check boxes have been selected. Once the Account Setup section is complete, tap Select and Next.

7. Please wait, while your device verifies the Server Settings.

8. If everything is correct, you will be asked to accept the IT policy for your company. Tap OK or you will not be able to sync mail.

9. Choose a syncing option and frequency, and then tap Next.

10. Name your email account, and then tap Next.

11. From here, you will be prompted to activate your company IT policy. Tap Activate or you will not be able to sync mail.

12. Once you complete these steps, you may open your Email app and mail will begin to download. This process will take a few minutes depending on your connect speed and amount of data.