What are the Web Protection Categories

Our Web Protection Service, Web Protection, utilizes a Categories filter that blocks Web traffic by 53 categories. Here is a list of the categories and their associated definitions:

  1. Ads - Sites that host online advertisements, which include advertising graphics, banners, and pop-up content.

  2. Alcohol - Sites that promote or sell alcohol.

  3. Anonymizer - Sites with tools that can proxy bypass information or services.

  4. Art - Sites for Theater, museums, exhibits, photography, and digital graphic resources.

  5. Autos - Sites about automobiles, including manufacturers, news, reviews and hobbyist information.

  6. Business - Sites for businesses of all sizes, especially company Web sites.

  7. Chat - Sites where you can chat in real-time with groups of people.

  8. Compromised - Valid Web sites that have been hacked and are distributing malware attacks.

  9. Criminal - Sites that promote software hacking or encourage activities that are illegal, criminal, or harmful to the general public. 

  10. Dating - Sites for meeting other people.

  11. Download - Sites that offer shareware, freeware, and other legal software downloads.

  12. Drugs - Sites about illegal or recreational drug use.

  13. Education - Sites for educational materials and schools, covering all age levels and types.

  14. Finance - Sites for banks, brokerages, trusts, and other financial organizations.

  15. Food - Sites about food, dining, catering services, food critics, restaurant reservation, and restaurant review sites.

  16. Forums - Sites with discussions, bulletin boards, message boards, and forums.

  17. Gambling - Sites that offer gambling or information about gambling.

  18. Games - Sites that offer playable games or information about games.

  19. Government - Sites operated by government agencies, including city, state, regional, county and federal levels.

  20. Hate - Sites that promote prejudice based on gender, age, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

  21. Health - Sites that offer information about health care or health services.

  22. Home - Sites about home improvement, decorating, family, pets, gardening, cooking, event planning (non-wedding) and hobbies.

  23. Humor - Sites that are intended to be funny or humorous.

  24. Jobs - Sites that offer job listings, resume services, interview coaching and similar employment-related services.

  25. Malware - Sites or software that installs on a user's computer with the intent to collect information or make system changes without the user's consent.

  26. Media - Sites that stream TV shows, videos, or movies.

  27. Military - Sites sponsored or devoted to the armed forces and government-controlled agencies.

  28. Miscellaneous - Web sites that do not fall into any of the other categories.

  29. Music - Sites about Internet radio, streaming media, musicians, bands, and MP3 download sites.

  30. News - Sites that offer news and information, including newspapers, broadcasters and other publishers.

  31. Non-profits - Sites for non-profit or charity organizations and services.

  32. Nudity - Web sites that provide images or descriptions of nudity.

  33. Personal - Sites about or hosted by personal individuals. Includes personal blogs, guestbook servers, personal hobbies, activities, etc.

  34. Pharmacy - Sites that provide information about approved drugs and their medical uses.

  35. Phishing - Sites that pretend to be legitimate business sites while obtaining private information from users.  

  36. Politics - Sites that support politics and provide political party information, including elections or legislation. 

  37. Pornography - Sites that contain any depiction of pornography.

  38. Portal Sites that offer an entry to the Internet, including bundled services on their own site.

  39. Real Estate - Sites that post real estate listings and promote real estate agents/brokers.

  40. Religion - Sites about religion, religious teachings and groups, and spirituality.

  41. Search Engines - Sites that display result listings based on keywords.

  42. Shopping - Sites that sell products and services online.

  43. Social Network - Sites that promote interaction and networking between people.

  44. Spam - Web site links found inside spammed e-mails are automatically added to this list.

  45. Sports - Sites about sports of all kinds, from professional to amateur, from news to league information and schedules.

  46. Tasteless - Sites that contain offensive and tasteless information on controversial subjects.

  47. Technology - Sites about computing, hardware and technology, including news, information, code and vendor information.

  48. Tobacco - Sites that promote or sell all tobacco products.

  49. Translator - Sites that offer language translations.

  50. Travel - Sites with travel information and services, including reservations for airlines, cars, hotels, vacations, and trips.

  51. Violence - Sites that promote violence and sedition. 

  52. Weapons - Sites about weapons, commercial and otherwise.

  53. Webmail - Sites that offer the ability to send or receive email.