How to Configure an iOS device for Exchange

(Please note that iPhone/iPad/iTouch setup will be the same for Exchange.) 

1.  Turn the iPhone ON and tap Settings on the home screen.

2.  Tap Accounts & Passwords.

3.  Tap Add Account.

4.  Tap Microsoft Exchange.

5.  Enter the following:

E-mail: The user's e-mail address
User Name: The user's e-mail address (use their ActiveSync ID for Exchange 2003)
Password: The user's Exchange password
Domain name: The name of the Exchange island (i.e.,
Account description: User's preference

6.  The setup will fail, and then prompt the user to enter a server name, which is the name of the Exchange island that the mailbox resides on (i.e.,

7.  Once the device connects to the server, it will prompt the user for what items they want to synchronize (e-mail, contacts, and calendar). Once they make that selection, tap Save.


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