Reporting Spam that made it through

AppRiver strives to block all of your unwanted e-mails. Blocking all unwanted e-mails is a very ambitious goal that we’ll need your help with! 

Please forward all spam that you receive to  We only need the message forwarded. We have a phenomenal support team that works around the clock reviewing mail and looking for patterns and commonalities that we can block. This team makes up our Signature test. This test helps AppRiver differentiate itself from the competition. Having a team of highly-trained people, which are always ready to block mail that slips past automated detection, gives us an edge!

There are a few things that our spam submission technicians can do and a few things they cannot. The Signature test is a global rule. All submitted mail is evaluated and identified as universal spam or individual spam. If it is individual spam, the mail is passed. If it is universal spam, then the message is pulled apart with various programs, which are used to identify patterns, URLs, content, header content, etc. 

Let’s say you are receiving the same spam over and over and you have already sent it to There are a few things that you can do.  From the administrator interface at, you can block the sender, the location it came from, the text in the mail, or the IP address it came from. 
If you feel that the mail may be slipping past as a result of a technical discrepancy, you can open a support ticket with us and we’ll evaluate the message. From there, we might ask you for the spam header or some other detailed information.

It is our job to make your spam filtering as effective as possible!


The AppRiver Team