How to Create a Public Folder

Creating public folders is very easy. In order to create public folders, the user must be part of the administrators group. Once the user has been added to the administrators group and Outlook has been connected to Hosted Exchange, you are now ready to add public folders.

1. In Outlook, click the Folder list icon that is located at the bottom of the Mail Folders panel.

2. From here, you should see Public Folders. Click the (+) icon next to Public Folders to expand the folders. Once you do this, you should see your domain name.

3. Right-click your domain name, and then click New Folder.

4. Create a name for your public folder. Choose the type of folder that it is going to be (IE: Folder, Contact, Calendar, etc.). For this example, I am going to make a calendar.

5. Once the calendar has been made, set the permissions. Right-click the folder, and then click Properties.

6. Click the Permissions tab.

7. From here, the default permissions are displayed. The default permissions list the creator as the owner, but everyone that was added to the Hosted Exchange will be listed in the Users group too. So, the users have Read access immediately. If you want to add more users and give them Write permissions, click Add, select the user in the list, and then click OK, respectively.

8. From Calendar Properties, highlight the user that you just added and set the permissions for that user. Click OK.

**Do not remover NT User:EXG… from the permissions. This has to be there for Shoreline to access it.

9. That’s it! Just repeat these steps for each public folder that you want to add.

10. If you want to make the public folder mail-enabled, set the permissions, give it about 11 minutes, and it will appear under Public Folders. Once in there, you can set it to mail-enabled. It will give the folder an e-mail address that matches the folder name.

For more information on Mail Enabled folders please visit:

How to mail Enable A Public Folder


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**Do not remover NT User:EXG… from the permissions. This has to be there for Shoreline to access it. - This can be removed since there is no Shoreline. Also, please add do not remove Default or Anonymous since that will create issues for the PFs. Also, number 10 is too takes longer than 11 minutes and sometimes less than.
Jennifer Rogers (December 16, 2015 at 2:23 PM)

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