Dynamic MX Records


An MX record or Mail exchanger record is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) specifying how Internet e-mail should be routed using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Each MX record contains a preference and a host name, so that the collection of MX records for a given domain name point to the servers that should receive e-mail for that domain, and their priority relative to each other.

With Appriver’s recently implemented Dynamic MX records, we may now offer a static MX record that can access multiple filtering server sets. This is a more flexible way of configuring your MX record so that you can take full advantage of a vast network of spam filtering sets.

This is handy for several reasons; however, the most common use for the new MX would be automatic spam set conversion. In the past, the AppRiver MX records were bound to one specific server set and AppRiver had no control over what server set they resolved to.   Now, with Dynamic records, AppRiver can control the final destination of the mail.  This allows us to change what server cluster a client’s mail resolves to.  Should we encounter technical problems, we may now resolve our client’s delays or route their mail directly back to them should they elect.  Customers should not have to change their MX records again.

Our Dynamic records will appear in this convention:

(NOTE: this is a sample record; please double check with support if you are unsure what your dynamic record should be.)

[Preference = 10] Domain.com.1.0001.arsmtp.com
[Preference = 20] Domain.com.2.0001.arsmtp.com