SPF Record Setup for AppRiver Hosted Services


SPFv1 allows the domain owner to specify their mail sending policy, i.e., which mail servers are used to send mail from their domain. The technology requires two sides to play together:

  • The domain owner publishes this information in an SPF record in the domain's DNS zone.

  • The receiving server must check whether the message complies with the domain's stated policy. For example, a message is considered fake when it comes from an unknown server.

How to Configure an SPF Record for Your Domain:

1. If you are using AppRiver's SmartHosting service, please use the following record for soft fail:

  v=spf1 include:appriver.com ∼all

OR please use the following record for hard fail:

  v=spf1 include:appriver.com -all

2. If all of your mail is hosted by AppRiver, please use the following record:

  v=spf1 include:exghost.com include:appriver.com -all

3. If you are using our Hosted Exchange service and a split domain and your other mail goes to a non-AppRiver server, you may use this record:

  v=spf1 a:mail.yourdomain.com include:exghost.com include:appriver.com ∼all

4. If you run your own mail server, we recommend that you create the following as a TXT record in your DNS zone:

  v=spf1 ip4: ∼all

Your mail server IP address should be You may specify any additional operators, such as "a" or another "ip4" if they apply more directly to your situation.