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Issue: rejecting mail

AppRiver technicians have noted clients asking if we have any information regarding why would be rejecting their e-mails.


AppRiver SecureTide® Clients that are not currently using SmartHost or Hosted Exchange via Shoreline.


The best thing to do in this type of situation is to make sure that your mail server has logging turned on. Afterwards, try sending a test message to an AOL account. In the log files, search for the message. The AOL mail server will usually return a link with the error message. The link will provide information from the site as to why the message was blocked.

Sometimes, AOL will not accept e-mail from a server unless that server has a reverse DNS entry in place. To have a reverse DNS setup, you need to contact your ISP and have them create a PTR record to point back to the A record of your mail server. This link has a test to see if your mail server’s reverse DNS is setup:

In the reverse DNS box enter the IP of your mail server. If a reverse DNS is in place it will be displayed.

For more info from, follow this link:


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