Split Domain Routing With POP3 And Exchange Users On Our Servers.

When you have some users on our Hosted Exchange and some users on our POP3 servers, you need to make sure that you add all users on the Hosted Exchange to the POP3 server with the same username. Then, you will need to go to the Mail tab and select the option Redirect All Mail to. In the text box below that option, you will need to enter the Alternate Email address for that user.

Alternate E-mail Addresses:

Every user has an alternate e-mail address in the format of:


Example: If you have a user account named jdoe hosted for domain company.corp on the exg6.exghost.com servers, then this user account would have an e-mail address of jdoe@company.corp and an alternate e-mail address of the following:


Current alternate domain names are:

EXG5:     fwd5.exghost.com
EXG6:     fwd6.exghost.com
EXG7:     fwd7.exghost.com

Then select the option Preserve To/Cc fields. This is to insure that when a POP3 user puts multiple Hosted Exchange users in either the To field or the Cc field, that it will display correctly and not cause confusion.



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