Outlook allows you to have someone else send email on your behalf.  Once your department has been added to the Exchange Server, you can set these options up.

Setting Up Email to Be Sent "On Behalf Of"

A.         Open Outlook

1.         Right-click on your Inbox

2.         From the popup menu, select Properties 

B.         From the Properties window: 

1.         Select the Permissons tab.

2.         Click Add      

C.         From the Add Users window:

1.         Select the Global Address List

2.         Select the individual's name

3.         Click Add

4.         Click OK        

D.        From the Inbox Properties window: 

1.         Select the user's name

2.         Set the Permission Level by clicking items or using the drop down menu.  A Contributor can send email on your behalf, but will not see your inbox.

3.         Click OK         

Sending an Email "On Behalf Of"


Open Outlook

1.         Click New to create a new message or Reply to reply
2.         In the mail message window, from the menu, select View > From Field
3.         Type the name or select it from the Global Address Book.
4.         Create the message and send it
5.         Note that replies will return to the person you are sending the message on behalf of and not to you.