Creating a Rule in Outlook to Save IMAP Sent Items to Server

To save a copy of the sent messages to the sent folder of the account on the central mail server, a Rule must be set up. These messages can then be viewed by others who access the account. Everyone who uses the shared account should also set a Rule on their installation of Outlook.


  1. Log in to Outlook. If you have more than one account in your profile, ensure you are in the Inbox of the account where you want to create the Rule.

  2. Click Tools in the top menu and select Rules and Alerts….

  3. Click New Rule….

  4. Click Start from a blank rule, highlight Check messages after sending, and then click Next.

  5. When asked Which condition(s) do you want to check, click through the specified account.

  6. Click specified in the bottom window. Choose the IMAP account in the dialog box. Click OK and Next.

  7. In the Select actions window, click move a copy to the specified folder.

  8. Click specified and then click the sent folder for the IMAP account in the folder list.

  9. Click OK and Finish. If you are adding an IMAP account to an existing Outlook profile that has been set up for an Exchange account, the following message will be displayed: This rule is a client-only rule and will process only when Outlook is running.

  10. Click OK.

  11. Click Apply and OK.

If you have more than one account set up in your Outlook profile, when you compose or reply to a message you should click Accounts on the tool bar and select the appropriate account from which to send.