Problems with Outlook Wizard

When setting up Outlook through the outlook wizard some users are getting "server not found." A common issue with this is that the user's machine does not have the required Operating system, Service Packs, or version of outlook.

To successfully run the outlook wizard first make sure that the machine is running Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP1, or Windows Vista.

If the machine has the correct Operating System then next check the version of Outlook.  The required version is Outlook 2003 with SP2 or Outlook 2007. If running Outlook 2007 you will need to run the Outlook Wizard with a switch. This link gives step by step instructions on how to setup Outlook 2007,

Before running the wizard be sure that Outlook has completely shut down. Its a good practice to check the task manager to see if outlook is still running.

Other common issues that affect the outlook connection are anti-virus, firewalls, and proxy servers. If the problem still continues its a good idea to try and disable any of these and attempt to run the wizard. For proxy servers set an exception for