How can I check an IP for listing in a Real Time Blocklist?

To check to see if an IP address is listed as having sent spam please go to this address:

PLEASE NOTE: Just because your ip is listed with some of the RBL's does not mean that your idividual IP address is open for relay or listed as having sent spam. A lot of the RBL's will list entire IP blocks just because one IP is known to be sending spam. Some RBL's, such as "Five-Ten-Other" will list all the IP's from an internet service provider like or BellSouth just because one of their customers is sending spam.

AppRiver does not normally recommend using those RBL's and most other organizations do not use them for this same reason.

If you need to check to see if your server has an open relay please use this link:

Just put in the IP address of the server you want to check.