AppRiver DIRECT Billing Options


Note: This pricing is valid for Direct Customers only. Please contact sales for all other pricing.
AppRiver Direct Billing Options:
Credit Card payment is required for accounts that are less than $100.00 monthly. We will also bill quarterly for accounts that are less than $100.00 monthly if paid by check.
•  1-year discount: We offer a 10% discount when you pay for 12 months of service.
  •  2-year discount: We offer a 15% discount when you pay for 24 months of service. 

Subscription Options:
During the Free Trial period, Prospective Customer will be given the opportunity to review and select one of the available Subscription options. The Subscription options include, but are not limited to, monthly, quarterly, annually, and Biennially. The Service is billed at the start of each Subscription period for the (initial, renewal or extended) period. Unless notice to the contrary is provided by one party to the other before the end of any Term, the Term will automatically extend for the same amount of time as the prior period. Subscribers choosing Yearly and Biennial Subscription options receive prepayment discounts.

Fees and Payments:
Customer acknowledges and agrees that Customer is responsible for paying the fee that applies for each period during which the Term continues. Upon Customer entering into a Subscription Agreement with AppRiver and giving AppRiver Customer's credit card information, Customer agrees that AppRiver may, and is authorized to, charge Customer's credit card account for payment in advance in the correct amount, which payment may vary from time to time as provided in this Agreement, for each recurring period of this Agreement. If AppRiver does not receive payment for Customer's account, as required, AppRiver may terminate Customer's account. Customer's payment reconfirms Customer's consent to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

The Term of this Agreement will continue until terminated. Such Term may be terminated by either party at any time and for any reason. The Term will automatically expire if Customer stops payment for the Service, or if Customer doesn't comply with this Agreement. If the termination is for an annual or Biennial subscription and is requested prior to the end of the active Subscription period, AppRiver will refund pro rata, as the end of the month in which the Service is terminated, the unused portion of the fees paid, after subtracting from the unused portion of the entire amount of any annual or Biennial Subscription period discount that was given. AppRiver does not provide refunds for any part of a month during which a termination occurs.
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