Split Domain Routing When Migrating from Exchange to Hosted Exchange

Split Domain Routing when Migrating from Exchange to Hosted Exchange


This article covers "split-domain routing" when migrating from a local Exchange Server to Hosted Exchange accounts.  Enable "Domain Routing" using the Shoreline Control Panel. Under the administrator login click on Domain Routing and then follow the directions for setting up domain routing. After setting up domain routing you can then begin migrating accounts over. After a User is setup on Hosted Exchange you will need a way to get local messages forwarded to them.


Use the information below to forward email from your local email server to a hosted Exchange mailbox.

Alternate Email Addresses
Every user has an alternate email address in the format of:


For example if you have a user account named  jdoe hosted for domain company.corp on the exg6.exghost.com servers, then this user account would have an email address of jdoe@company.corp and an alternate email address of:


Current alternate domain names are:

EXG5:     fwd5.exghost.com
EXG6:     fwd6.exghost.com
EXG7:     fwd7.exghost.com

Microsoft Exchange


To get email from a previous exchange server forwarding to hosted exchange:


  1. Open Active Directory and go to the Users container
  2. Create a new Contact using the alternate email address for that user
  3. Now find the User account in Active Directory, right-click and go to properties
  4. Locate the Exchange General Tab
    1. Click the Delivery Options Button
    2. Under “Forwarding Address” select the Forward to: radio button and then click modify and type the name of the Contact that you just created
    3. You can also select to deliver email to both the new hosted server and the users old local mail box
    4. When done, click OK and Apply
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