Endpoint Protection Malware Scanner Settings

Endpoint Protection's malware scanner has many options available to make sure your users are protected to your specifications. To view these settings, log in to your Endpoint Protection and select Endpoint > Settings > Malware Scanner Settings.
The general malware scanner settings include: 
  • Whether certain types of scans run or not. 
  • What time and how often scans run. 
  • Whether the Web Scan scans all, HTTP only, or no websites. 
  • Whether the level of malware scanning is low, recommended, high, or custom.
The Advanced Malware Scanner Customization section allows you to manage:
  • The CPU load for scheduled and real time scans, as well as the application scan detection threshold.
  • The action Endpoint Protection takes when it detects file-based and fileless malware. 
  • The additional files Endpoint Protection scans.
  • Whether the scans are archived.