IMAP Outlook Configuration for iOS (Hosted Exchange Lite)

Microsoft Outlook for iOS can be downloaded here:

Microsoft Outlook Android can be downloaded here:

Once the application has been downloaded and installed on the mobile device, the following procedure should be followed to configure the account with IMAP settings for Hosted Exchange Lite:

1. Open the Outlook app.
2. Tap Settings.
3. Under Accounts tap Add an Account.


4. Tap IMAP.



5. Enter your IMAP Account Details.

6. Outlook will attempt to retrieve the account settings automatically. If unsuccessful tap Use Advanced Settings and enter your IMAP Account Details.

Outlook defaults the SMTP port to 25 however we block port 25 and use 587, but the Outlook app doesn't include a server port field. To work around this add ":587" to the end of the SMTP Hostname.

How to Obtain POP or IMAP Account Information from the Customer Portal

  • Email address:

  • Display Name: (first and last name - Email recipients will see this info)

  • Description:

IMAP Incoming Mail Server

  • IMAP Hostname:

  • IMAP username:

  • IMAP Password: (email account password)

SMTP Outgoing Mail Server:

  • SMTP Hostname:

  • SMTP Username:

  • SMTP Password: (email account password)

7. Scroll up and tap the Check mark to complete the account configuration.