What you can do with Archived Business Content

There are many reasons to archive business content. Business content primarily includes corporate email and users’ files, but also can be content from collaboration tools, company websites, videos, social media posts, and more.

Traditional archiving reasons are for future use for things like:

  • Legal obligations

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Privacy regulations

  • Storage Management

  • End-user self-service

  • Knowledge management

There are also some non-traditional reasons to archive your organization’s content, such as:

  • Customer and prospect management

  • Finding likely insider threats

  • Reduced use of profanity as indicator of wrongdoing

  • Heading off embarrassing situations

  • Detecting policy violations

  • Identifying and tracking communications

  • Conducting investigations

  • Understanding employee sentiment and behavior

Many conventional archiving solutions have issues like hard to access data and not being designed for analytics. Your archiving solution should be able to archive more than just your organization’s email and you should be able to easily access that archived data. The data should be easy to analyze. Our archiving solution can provide this for you and your organization.

Our solution also provides a third party attestation letter that can be provided to FINRA/SEC on behalf of customers attesting to meeting regulatory requirements.