Pinterest Capturing Example

This article provides a brief overview of what is captured in Pinterest Archiving.

Available Content for Capture

The content that Zix captures includes the following:

  • Pinterest posts of Monitored user

  • Comments on posts of Monitored user

  • Replies on comments on posts of Monitored user


Message Subject-lines and Captured Headers

View captured Headers by clicking “View Headers” checkbox in ZixCentral Message Viewer:

x-erado-direction: In/Out (inbound to the monitored user, outbound from the monitored user)

x-erado-source: blog

x-erado-sm-acct:   (Business email address of social media account)

x-erado-post-date: Thu, 07 Jun 2018 15:09:28 (date/time of post)

x-erado-capture-date: Thu, 07 Jun 2018 16:04:07 (date/time of post captured)


The different types of posts have the following details in the subject line and message headers.

Post -- Subject line:  “Blog Post of [Monitored-User]”

x-erado-media-type: Post

x-erado-media-post-type: blog


Post Comment -- Subject line:  “Blog Post Comments of [Monitored-User]”

x-erado-media-type: Post

x-erado-media-post-type: Comment


Comment -- Subject line:  “Blog Comments of [Monitored-User]”

x-erado-media-type: Post

x-erado-media-post-type: Comment

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