Chatter Capturing Example

This article provides a brief overview of what is captured in Chatter Archiving.

Available Content for Capture

The content that is captured includes the following:

    Profile updates by Monitored user

    Posts that can include links, files, or polls by Monitored user

    Posts to individual followers by Monitored user

    Posts to Groups by Monitored user

    Comments on Posts by Monitored user

    Direct messages sent and received by Monitored user

    Cases created and edited by Monitored user

    Comments and edits by Monitored user on Cases of Unmonitored user

    Events created and edited by Monitored user


Message Subject-lines and Captured Headers

View captured Headers by clicking “View Headers” checkbox in ZixCentral Message Viewer:

   x-erado-direction: In/Out (inbound to the monitored user, outbound from the monitored user)


   x-erado-sm-acct:   (Business email address of social media account)

   x-erado-post-date: Thu, 07 Jun 2018 15:09:28 (date/time of post)

   x-erado-capture-date: Thu, 07 Jun 2018 16:04:07 (date/time of post captured)


The different types of posts have the following details in the subject line and message headers.

Profile -- Subject line:  “Chatter Profile of [Monitored-User]”

   x-erado-media-type: Post

   x-erado-media-post-type: profile

Post -- Subject line:  “Chatter Post of [Monitored-User]”

   x-erado-media-type: Post

   x-erado-media-post-type: post

Group Post -- Subject line:  “Chatter Post of [Monitored-User] in [Group]”

   x-erado-media-type: Post

   x-erado-media-post-type: group

Comment -- Subject line:  “Chatter Comment on Post of [Monitored-User]”

   x-erado-media-type: Post

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