Bloomberg Capturing Example

This article provides a brief overview of what is captured in Bloomberg Archiving.

Archiving Bloomberg Messages

As with email and instant messaging, you must also manage historical copies of Bloomberg messages to comply with current regulatory and eDiscovery requirements. Organizations in heavily regulated industries, (i.e. government and financial services) are obligated to preserve client communications and to produce these messages when necessary.

Our Bloomberg Message archiving is a secure hosted archiving service designed to help your company address the challenges of Bloomberg Message storage management, legal discovery, and regulatory compliance. It safely archives Bloomberg messages with your email, while providing privacy and data security. It also provides rapid on demand access after they have been archived.

FINRA registered organizations must regularly review their representatives’ Bloomberg messages, document these visual inspections, and note any actions as a result.

Erado’s service captures messages daily after Bloomberg has logged them to the SFTP site.  Normally most of these messages on the site are from the previous day.  However, note that we occasionally see that Bloomberg has a delay of a day or more for some conversations and messages.

Why We Require This Information

Bloomberg message export presents a challenge due to the huge amount of data for archiving and storage.  We require specific Bloomberg account information to properly extract out the pertinent message content.

Discovery of your new Bloomberg email addresses depends on your Bloomberg account setup. We will capture and archive new Bloomberg email addresses associated to your Bloomberg Firm Number and Bloomberg Account Number. Newly captured email addresses will automatically archive and are then added to the monthly bill to ensure proper compliance with your archive and surveillance system. We do not capture any data if the new Bloomberg email addresses have no association with the Bloomberg Firm Number or Bloomberg Account Number.

Note: Bloomberg data capture is subject to change at any time.

To set up your Bloomberg Archiving, follow the instructions in the Bloomberg Welcome Guide.

Information Captured

Bloomberg Instant messages/Chat conversations are not captured individually per each user.  These messages are rolled up into Bloomberg Conversation Logs, with all participants included in one message. Bloomberg delivers these messages in a “Chat room Conversation” format.  The Conversation ID returned by Bloomberg, is included in the Subject Line of the message for easier searching within the ECP platform. 

Message Subject-lines and Captured Headers

View captured Headers by clicking “View Headers” checkbox in ZixCentral Message Viewer:

    x-erado-source: bloomberg

    x-erado-post-date: Thu, 12 Apr 2018 19:53:55 (date/time of post)

    x-erado-capture-date: Fri, 13 Apr 2018 14:35:21 (date/time of post captured)

    x-erado-bloomberg-uuid: [Bloomberg ID]

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