Basics: Overview (QA Notes)


Depending on the product installed, we display the following selections with the Home page.


PC Tune-Up (standalone)Online Backup (standalone) 
To be decided.To be decided. 



1. Click Settings and the Updates tab. It displays a history of updates and it includes an Update button to manually check for updates.

2. Click Settings and the Notifications tab. It decides what and/or if you want to display notifications. Notification settings include:

  ·  Off - receive no notifications

  ·  High - receive only important notifications (such as malware detection)

  ·  All

3. Click Settings and the Proxy tab.If you decide to enable, you can:  

  ·  Manually set the proxy server and port

  ·   Requires username and password


The Support pages will be the same.

  ·  Online Support button: links to our site:


  ·  Email Support button: Making the assumption you have a mail app setup, it opens an email directed to the following:


My Account

At the top right of the product window, there is an icon to sign into the product. It will prompt you to enter your TD email and password.



At the top right of the product window, there question mark button ( ? ):

This will take you to the About page. It will list product/license info:

It will include two buttons:

  • Support Info button: links to the Support page.
  • Add button: allows you to add a new license.